How You Can Save          Moolah!



Multiple Class Discount   

Discount pricing is based on the number of classses that a student is taking per week.

2  One Hour Classes    $125 Monthly

3  One Hour Classes    $180 Monthly
4  One Hour Classes    $225 Monthly

5   One Hour Classes  $270 Monthly

Single Student Unlimited Classes   $295 Monthly


Semester Discount    

We offer a 5 % discount on semester tuition that is paid in full by September 30th and February 29th.  Important: Semester Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable, no exceptions.



Registration Fee Waived

An annual registration fee of $15 per student or $25 per family covers the cost of mailings, insurance, handbooks, rehearsals, and so on. Dance Infusion waives all registration fees when returning or new students register before July 1st. Registration fees are not refundable with the exception of preschool students who are determined to be unready for dance and may receive a credit for the following season. 

Refer a New Friend

When your friend joins a class,you will receive 50% off of a class for one month!